Event Report

The Shorinji Kempo Branches of Ontario, Canada hosted an official WSKO event at the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre in Toronto on the weekend of September 13-14, 2008.

The WSKO instructor who led the event was:

Mr. Kizumi Hiate (Seihanshi, 7th dan)

Apart from being an official WSKO Instructor, Hiate sensei is also...

Hiate sensei also brought with him a delegation of nine dan grade kenshi from the Kanagawa Federation to our Gasshuku.

The Ontario Gasshuku 2008 was primarily a local event, however since WSKO recognized the Gasshuku as an official WSKO event we invited interested kenshi from outside of Ontario to join us. We were most fortunate to have attendees from Alberta Branch in Canada plus several US Branches (Ann Arbor, Iowa, Manhattan, Cornell University and World Bank) at our event. We would like to thank Noda sensei (Alberta Branch Master) and Dolce sensei (Ann Arbor Branch Master) for their attendance and support.

The Gasshuku began at 9:30 AM with Chinkon-gyo led by Louie sensei (Yorkville Branch Master). Following warm up, Hiate sensei led a kihon-focused session that examined fundamental aspects of technique. This training was appreciated by all members and allowed everyone, regardless of rank, to practice together.

The Saturday afternoon session began with a lecture from Hiate sensei on his motivations for devoting such a large part of his life to teaching and promoting Shorinji Kempo. Following this, we went on to look at hokei according to rank. Hiate sensei was assisted by the members from Kanagawa as well as the Canadian Branch Masters.

After a busy day of training, the delegates headed to the Mongolian Grill Restaurant and enjoyed warm friendship with members from other Branches.

On the Sunday session, Fontaine sensei (Huronia Branch Master) led Chinkon-gyo which was followed by another excellent course on fundamentals by Hiate sensei. One fun aspect was the "ukemi challenge" in which members from different Branches tried to make mae ukemi over the largest number of people.

Hiate sensei asked members from each rank to demonstrate their technique to the group in order to show how much they had learned in the two days of training. The technical part of the Gasshuku ended with an exciting display of tanen hokei and kumi embu by the delegates from the Kanagawa Federation.

The host Branches also enjoyed several sightseeing and dinner events with the Japanese delegation on the days preceding and following the main event. Some of those attractions included the Eaton Centre in downtown Toronto, the CN Tower, the Ten Thousand Buddha Temple, wine tasting at wineries in the Niagara region and Niagara Falls.

We bade a sad farewell to the Kanagawa delegation at Pearson Airport on the morning of September 17.

The Shorinji Kempo Branches of Ontario wish to express their deep and sincere appreciation to Hiate sensei and the Kanagawa Federation members for providing such a wonderful seminar and for showing us with their actions in and out of the dojo the true character of Shorinji Kempo.


Note: we wish to thank Mr. Yasuyuki Murai for his excellent photos.

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