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Links and Resources

WSKO Headquarters


Ann Arbor Branch (USA)
Alberta Branch (Canada)
Cabbagetown Branch (Canada)
Caltech Branch (USA)
New York City Branch (USA)
North York Branch (Canada)
San Francisco Branch (USA)
Seattle Branch (USA)
Silicon Valley Branch (USA)
South Bay Branch (USA)
Toronto Branch (Canada)
World Bank Branch (USA)
WSKO of British Columbia (Canada)


Brazilian Federation (Portugese)
Colegio Militar Branch - Brazil (Portugese)
Sao Luis Branch - Brazil (Portugese)
RS North Branch - Brazil (English)


Alhambra Branch - Spain (in Spanish)
Harrow Branch - UK
Helsinki Branch (Finland)
Italian Shorinji Kempo Federation (in Italian)
Karlstad Branch (Sweden)
Shorinji Kempo - Germany (in German)
Swedish Shorinji Kempo Federation
Vaugirard Branch - France (in French)


O-asa Asanomi Branch (Japan)
Shorinji Kempo Australia
Indonesian Shorinji Kempo Federation (PERKEMI)
Utsunomiya-minami Branch - Japan (in English & Japanese)
Yokohama Negishi Branch - Japan (in English & Japanese)

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